Russian Winter
Happy Cares of Elena Isinbaeva
Two-times Olympic Champion, many times World Champion and World Record Holder in Pole Vault gave an exclusive interview to and told about her new role in life and how she copes with being a Mum and also about her plans for the future.
Ivanov and Strelkov win silver and bronze in men’s 20kmRW
Aleksandr Ivanov and Denis Strelkov won the silver and bronze medals in the men’s 20km Race Walking ...
Russian team for Zurich
Russian Athletics Federation has announced a national team for the European Athletics Championships to be held in ...
Koneva, Klishina and Klyashtornaya – rock at the Russian Champs
During three days of the Russian Championships in Kazan on 23-26 July there was only one European ...
Yelena Isinbayeva becomes mother
A two-time Olympic champion, a three-time World champion and the current record holder in the women’s pole ...
Zhdanov Memorial
25.01.2015, Russia, Cheliabinsk
Russian Youth Indoor Championships
28.01.2015-30.01.2015, Russia, Smolensk
Moscow High Jump With Music Cup
29.01.2015, Russia, Moscow
PSD Bank Meeting
29.01.2015, Germany, Duesseldorf
Samara Cup
30.01.2015, Russia, Samara
11th Pedro’s Cup
30.01.2015, Poland, Bydgoszcz
Russian Winter New Stars
31.01.2015, Russia, Moscow
Karlsruhe - IAAF Indoor Meet
31.01.2015, Germany, Karlsruhe
ECCC Cross Country
01.02.2015, Spain, Guadalajara
Russian Winter
01.02.2015, Russia, Moscow
1st International Copernicus Meeting - Torun Cup
03.02.2015, Italy, Turin
Russian Junior Championships
04.02.2015-06.02.2015, Russia, Novocheboksarsk
21st Banskobystricka latka
04.02.2015, Slovak Republic, Banska Bystrica
Indoor Combined Events Tallinn 2015
06.02.2015-07.02.2015, Estonia, Tallinn
Orenburg Mile
07.02.2015, Russia, Orenburg
Golden Pole
07.02.2015, Czech Republic, Pardubice
Boston - IAAF Indoor Meet
07.02.2015, United States of America, Boston
Krasnodar Governor Prizes
08.02.2015, Russia, Krasnodar
Flanders Indoor Gent
08.02.2015, Belgium, Gent
Alekseev Memorial
10.02.2015, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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Zhdanov Memorial
25.01.2015, Russia, Cheliabinsk
Volgograd Region Governor’s Cup
24.01.2015, Russia, Volgograd
South and North Caucasian FD Championships (long throws)
17.01.2015-18.02.2015, Russia, Krasnodar
Siberian FD Indoor Championships
17.01.2015-18.01.2015, Russia, Irkutsk
Russian Central FD Indoor Championships
17.01.2015-18.01.2015, Russia, Smolensk
South and North Caucasian FD Championships Russian in Athletics
17.01.2015-18.01.2015, Russia, Volgograd
Northwestern FD Indoor Championships Russia
16.01.2015-18.01.2015, Russia, Yaroslavl
Chuvashia President Cup
16.01.2015, Russia, Novocheboksarsk
Volga FD Championships Indoor
15.01.2015-17.01.2015, Russia, Novocheboksarsk
Ozolin and Dyachkov Memorial
15.01.2015, Russia, Moscow
Moscow Cup - Christmas Cup
11.01.2015, Russia, Moscow
XXХIII Lukashevich and Seryodkin Memoria
09.01.2015, Russia, Cheliabinsk
Yalamov Memorial - Christmas Stars
07.01.2015, Russia, Yekaterinburg
ХVI Rodionova Race Walking Memorial
06.01.2015, Russia, Cheliabinsk
Bulatovs Memorial
27.12.2014, Russia, Omsk
Tatyana Lebedeva Prizes
21.12.2014, Russia, Volgograd
Student Sports Stars
20.12.2014-21.12.2014, Russia, Moscow
European Cross Country Championships
14.12.2014, Bulgaria, Samokov
Udmurt Republic Indoor Championships (1997-1998)
13.12.2014-14.12.2014, Russia, Izhevsk
Yelena Slesarenko Master Class
07.12.2014, Russia, Volgograd
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Чемпионат мира по легкой атлетике - Пекин - 22-30.08.2015
Чемпионат мира по легкой атлетике среди юношей и девушек - Кали, Колумбия - 15-19 июля 2015
Чемпионат Европы по легкой атлетике в помещении - Прага - 6-8 марта 2015
Командный чемпионат Европы - Чебоксары - 20-21 июня 2015
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