Visit of EA President
Mr. Svein - Arne Hansen, President of European Athletics came to Moscow with a two days visit and met with leaders of the Russian sport.
Lifetime ban for Viktor Chegin
Interim Coordination Committee of the Olympic Committee of Russia (ICC OCR) for collaboration with WADA and IAAF ...
Russian Athletic Federation informs you that Sports Arbitration Tribunal (CAS) issued a decision this Thursday in Lausanne ...
Russian Athletic Federation (RusAF) pays great attention towards all and every signal related to violations of ...
Meeting of PusAF Presidium
Meeting of RusAF Presidium took place on February 23, 2016 in the Indoor Facility of Central Army ...
Russian Cross Country Championships (U23, Juniors, Youth)
29.04.2016, Russia, Zhukovski
Russian Marathon Championships
01.05.2016, Russia, Volgograd
Nizamutdinov Throws Prizes
12.05.2016-13.05.2016, Russia, Adler
Russian Mountain Running Championships (Up and Down) (U23, Juniors, Youth)
13.05.2016-14.05.2016, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Isinbayeva Cup
14.05.2016-15.05.2016, Russia, Volgograd
Russian 24 hours Running Championships
14.05.2016-15.05.2016, Russia, Moscow
Russian Combined Events Cup
20.05.2016-22.05.2016, Russia, Adler
Russian mountain Running Team Championships
21.05.2016, Russia, Podolino
Russian Team Championships
26.05.2016-27.05.2016, Russia, Sochi
Russian Olympic Schools Team Meeting
29.05.2016-30.05.2016, Russia, Cheboksary
Classic Meeting Znamensky Memorial
04.06.2016-05.06.2016, Russia, Zhukovski
Russian Race Walking Championships (U23, Juniors, Youth)
06.06.2016-07.06.2016, Russia, Cheboksary
Pechenkina Prizes
11.06.2016, Russia, Yerino
Pinigina Prizes
12.06.2016, Russia, Yakutsk
Russian Championships
20.06.2016-23.06.2016, Russia, Cheboksary
Russian Youth Championships
26.06.2016-28.06.2016, Russia, Cheliabinsk
Russian Junior Championships
30.06.2016-02.07.2016, Russia, Kazan
Necheukhin Memorial
01.07.2016, Russia, Cheliabinsk
XXVII White Nights Marathon
03.07.2016, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Russian U23 Championships
15.07.2016-17.07.2016, Russia, Saransk
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Russian Cross Country Championships (U23, Juniors, Youth)
29.04.2016, Russia, Zhukovski
Half Marathon "White Nights"
23.04.2016, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Russian Cross Country Cup
26.03.2016, Russia, Kislovodsk
Natalya Nazarova Master-class
25.03.2016, Russia, Moscow
Youth Spike
20.03.2016-29.03.2016, Russia, Kazan
Ravil Bakirov Memorial
16.03.2016, Russia, Orenburg
Russian U23 Indoor Championships
01.03.2016-03.03.2016, Russia, Volgograd
Saint Petersburg Athletics Academy Cup
27.02.2016-28.02.2016, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Russian Race Walking Championships (U23, Juniors, Youth)
27.02.2016-28.02.2016, Russia, Sochi
Russian Indoor Championships
23.02.2016-25.02.2016, Russia, Moscow
Russian Combined Events Indoor Championships (U23, Juniors, Youth)
19.02.2016-21.02.2016, Russia, Smolensk
Russian Long Throwing Championships
19.02.2016-21.02.2016, Russia, Adler
Russian Winter
14.02.2016, Russia, Moscow
Anna Chicherova Master-class
13.02.2016, Russia, Moscow
Tatyana Zelentsova Master-class
13.02.2016, Russia, Moscow
Lunev Throws Memorial
11.02.2016-12.02.2016, Russia, Adler
Moscow Indoor Championships
09.02.2016-10.02.2016, Russia, Moscow
Master сlasses
09.02.2016, Russia, Several Cities
Russian Junior Indoor Championships
08.02.2016-10.02.2016, Russia, Novocheboksarsk
Alekseev Memorial
07.02.2016, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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