Meeting of RusAF Presidium
The first meeting of the new RusAF Presidium chaired by Mr. Dmitry Shlyakhtin, RusAF President, took place on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 in the Olympic Committee of Russia. ...
On January 27 Ms Elena Ikonnikova, RusAF Anti – doping Coordinator, met with athletes and coaches of ...
Meeting in Novogorsk
Mr. Vitaly Mutko, Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation, introduced Mr. Dmitry Shliakhtin, newly elected President ...
RusAF elections
Mr. Dmitry Shliakhtin was elected to the position of RusAF President at its Extraordinary elective conference.
RusAF Press Conference
A Press Conference with Dmitry Shliakhtin, newly elected RusAF President, and Gennady Aleshin, Chair of the Interim ...
Russian Junior Indoor Championships
08.02.2016-10.02.2016, Russia, Novocheboksarsk
Lunev Throws Memorial
11.02.2016-12.02.2016, Russia, Adler
Russian Winter New Stars
13.02.2016, Russia, Moscow
Russian 100km Cup
13.02.2016, Russia, Moscow
Russian Winter
14.02.2016, Russia, Moscow
Russian Combined Events Indoor Championships (U23, Juniors, Youth)
19.02.2016-21.02.2016, Russia, Smolensk
Russian Long Throwing Championships
19.02.2016-21.02.2016, Russia, Adler
Russian Indoor Championships
23.02.2016-25.02.2016, Russia, Moscow
Russian Race Walking Championships (U23, Juniors, Youth)
27.02.2016-28.02.2016, Russia, Sochi
Russian U23 Indoor Championships
01.03.2016-03.03.2016, Russia, Volgograd
Youth Spike
20.03.2016-29.03.2016, Russia, Kazan
Russian Cross Country Cup
26.03.2016, Russia, Kislovodsk
Russian Mountain Running Championships (up) (U23, Juniors, Youth)
02.04.2016, Russia, Zheleznovodsk
Russian Cross Country Championships (U23, Juniors, Youth)
29.04.2016, Russia, Zhukovski
IAAF World Race Walking Team Championships
07.05.2016-08.05.2016, Russia, Cheboksary
Nizamutdinov Throws Prizes
12.05.2016-13.05.2016, Russia, Adler
Russian Mountain Running Championships (Up and Down) (U23, Juniors, Youth)
13.05.2016-14.05.2016, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Russian 24 hours Running Championships
14.05.2016-15.05.2016, Russia, Moscow
Russian Half Marathon Cup
14.05.2016, Russia, Ufa
Russian Marathon Championships
15.05.2016, Russia, Kazan
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Russian Junior Indoor Championships
08.02.2016-10.02.2016, Russia, Novocheboksarsk
Alekseev Memorial
07.02.2016, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Governor Cup
06.02.2016, Russia, Volgograd
Prizes of the School of higher sports of St. Petersburg
02.02.2016, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Moscow U23 Indoor Championships
01.02.2016-02.02.2016, Russia, Moscow
Belogorye Cup
31.01.2016, Russia, Belgorod
Krasnodar Governor’s Cup
31.01.2016, Russia, Slavyansk-on-Kuban
Moscow Championships in Long Throws (U23, J, Y)
30.01.2016-31.01.2016, Russia, Moscow
Orenburg Mile
30.01.2016, Russia, Orenburg
Moscow High Jumps Cup
29.01.2016, Russia, Moscow
Russian Youth Indoor Championships
27.01.2016-29.01.2016, Russia, Penza
Saint-Petersburg Indoor Championships
23.01.2016-24.01.2016, Russia, Saint-Petersburg Cup - Viktor Zhdanov Memorial
23.01.2016, Russia, Cheliabinsk
Ozolin and Dyachkov Memorial
22.01.2016, Russia, Moscow
Moscow Junior Championships
20.01.2016-21.01.2016, Russia, Moscow
Central FD Indoor Championships
19.01.2016-21.01.2016, Russia, Smolensk
Siberian FD Indoor Championships
19.01.2016-20.01.2016, Russia, Irkutsk
South and North Caucasian FD Indoor Championships
19.01.2016-20.01.2016, Russia, Volgograd
Northwestern FD Indoor Championships Russia
18.01.2016-20.01.2016, Russia, Yaroslavl
Saint-Petersburg Open Youth Indoor Championships
16.01.2016-17.01.2016, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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Реформирование ВФЛА
Зимний Гран-при
Чемпионат Европы по легкой - Амстердам - 6-10 июля 2016
Игры XXXI Олимпиады (легкая атлетика) - Рио-де-Жанейро - 12-21 августа 2015
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