Чемпионат мира по легкой атлетике - Пекин - 22-30.08.2015
Kudryavtsev takes silver in men’s 400mH
Denis Kudryavtsev finished second in the men’s 400mH final at the 15th IAAF World Championships in Beijing and won the first medal for Russian team.
Russia out to keep title
Ilya Shkurenyov and Anna Blank will look to lead the way as Russia chase a second Super ...
Palkina proves her hammer prowess at the Russian Youth championships
Throws and jumps provided the highlights of the Russian Youth championships in the three-day competition which came ...
Russia are the Super League champions again
Their nerves could not really settle until the final hour but in the end Russia achieved their ...
Russia have the edge after Day 1 of Euro Team Champs
Hosts Russia are leading the way after the opening day of the European Athletics Team Championships in ...
29.08.2015, Russia, Rybinsk
Weltklasse Zurich
03.09.2015, Switzerland, Zuerich
Myshkin’s half marathon
05.09.2015, Russia, Myshkin
Goteborg GP
05.09.2015, Sweden, Goeteborg
Russian Championships 100km
06.09.2015, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Russian Race Walking Cup
06.09.2015, Russia, Cheboksary
ISTAF Berlin
06.09.2015, Germany, Berlin
Russian Combined Events Team Championships
07.09.2015-10.09.2015, Russia, Adler
Russian Relays Championships (Juniors, Youth)
07.09.2015-10.09.2015, Russia, Adler
51th Palio Citta della Quercia
08.09.2015, Italy, Rovereto
IAAF World Challenge Zagreb
08.09.2015, Croatia, Zagreb
Van Damme Memorial
11.09.2015, Belgium, Bruxelles
Yaroslavl Half Marathon Golden Ring
12.09.2015, Russia, Yaroslavl
National Meeting in Race Walking, Russian Race Walking Grand Prix Final
12.09.2015, Russia, Voronovo
Russian Half Marathon Championships
12.09.2015, Russia, Novosibirsk
13.09.2015, France, Reims
6th Memorial Kamila Skolimowska
13.09.2015, Poland, Warsaw
Rieti 2015 IAAF World Challenge
13.09.2015, Italy, Rieti
Youth Spike Final
15.09.2015-24.09.2015, Russia, Adler
Russian Police Cross Meeting
17.09.2015-18.09.2015, Russia, Ulianovsk
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15th IAAF World Championships in Athletics
22.08.2015-30.08.2015, China, Beijing
Folksam Challenge
16.08.2015, Sweden, Umea
Irkutsk Athletes Memorial
15.08.2015-16.08.2015, Russia, Irkutsk
Folksam Challenge
14.08.2015, Sweden, Goeteborg
61th Janusz Kusocinski Memorial
09.08.2015, Poland, Szczecyn
National Championships
08.08.2015-09.08.2015, Austria, Kapfenberg
Loiste Eliittikisat
08.08.2015, Finland, Kuortane
Final VII Russian Summer Spartakiad
06.08.2015-08.08.2015, Russia, Saransk
Russian Championships
03.08.2015-05.08.2015, Russia, Cheboksary
37th Internationales Hochsprung-Meeting
31.07.2015-02.08.2015, Germany, Eberstadt
Bauhaus Athletics, IAAF Diamond League
29.07.2015-30.07.2015, Sweden, Stockholm
Velka Cena Tabora
28.07.2015, Czech Republic, Tabor
European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF)
27.07.2015-01.08.2015, Georgia, Tbilisi
25th International Kozanov Memorial Meeting
25.07.2015-26.07.2015, Kazakhstan, Almaty
Moscow Region Championships
24.07.2015-25.07.2015, Russia, Yerino
National Championships
24.07.2015-25.07.2015, Belarus, Grodno
Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games
24.07.2015-25.07.2015, Great Britain, London
A. Ignatyev Memorial
24.07.2015, Russia, Cheboksary
Necheukhin Memorial
24.07.2015, Russia, Cheliabinsk
Loiste Eliittikisat
23.07.2015, Finland, Tampere
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Чемпионат мира по легкой атлетике - Пекин - 22-30.08.2015
Чемпионат мира по легкой атлетике среди юношей и девушек - Кали, Колумбия - 15-19 июля 2015
Чемпионат Европы по легкой - Амстердам - 6-10 июля 2016
Командный чемпионат Европы - Чебоксары - 20-21 июня 2015
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