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Чемпионат России по легкой атлетике в помещении
Candidates for RusAF Elections
November, 9th (one month prior to the RusAF Election Conference) was the deadline for submitting the candidates’ applications for the positions in the RusAF Elections this year.
The IAAF Doping Review Board chaired by Robert Hersh (USA), has sent this night replies to ...
Visit of EA President
Mr. Svein - Arne Hansen, President of European Athletics came to Moscow with a two days visit ...
Lifetime ban for Viktor Chegin
Interim Coordination Committee of the Olympic Committee of Russia (ICC OCR) for collaboration with WADA and IAAF ...
Russian Athletic Federation informs you that Sports Arbitration Tribunal (CAS) issued a decision this Thursday in Lausanne ...
Ozolin and Dyachkov Memorial
18.01.2017, Russia, Moscow
Championship of Russia ran 1 mile
21.01.2017, Russia, Orenburg
Orenburg Mile
21.01.2017, Russia, Orenburg
Krasnodar Governor’s Cup
22.01.2017, Russia, Slavyansk-on-Kuban
Russian Youth Indoor Championships
27.01.2017-29.01.2017, Russia, Smolensk
Governor Cup
28.01.2017, Russia, Volgograd
Moscow High Jumps Cup
31.01.2017, Russia, Moscow
Russian Junior Indoor Championships
03.02.2017-05.02.2017, Russia, Novocheboksarsk
Russian 100km Cup
03.02.2017, Russia, Moscow
Russian Winter
04.02.2017-05.02.2017, Russia, Moscow
Russian Winter New Stars
04.02.2017, Russia, Moscow
Lunev Throws Memorial
06.02.2017-07.02.2017, Russia, Adler
Russian U23 Indoor Championships
10.02.2017-12.02.2017, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Zelentsova Cup, 1st leg
11.02.2017-12.02.2017, Russia, Gubkin
Alekseev Memorial
14.02.2017, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Russian Combined Events Indoor Championships (U23, Juniors, Youth)
15.02.2017-17.02.2017, Russia, Smolensk
Russian U23, Junior, Youth Winter Throws Championships
15.02.2017-17.02.2017, Russia, Adler
Russian Race Walking Championships (U23, Juniors, Youth)
18.02.2017-19.02.2017, Russia, Sochi
Russian Indoor Championships
19.02.2017-21.02.2017, Russia, Moscow
Zelentsova Cup, 2nd leg
19.02.2017-20.02.2017, Russia, Omsk
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Ozolin and Dyachkov Memorial
18.01.2017, Russia, Moscow
South and North Caucasian FD Indoor Championships
14.01.2017-15.01.2017, Russia, Volgograd
Siberian FD Indoor Championships
14.01.2017-15.01.2017, Russia, Irkutsk
South and North Caucasian FD Long Throwing Championships
14.01.2017-15.01.2017, Russia, Krasnodar
Chuvashia President Cup
14.01.2017, Russia, Novocheboksarsk
Ural FD Indoor Championships
12.01.2017-16.01.2017, Russia, Cheliabinsk
Northwestern FD Indoor Championships Russia
11.01.2017-13.01.2017, Russia, Smolensk
Moscow Youth Championships
11.01.2017-12.01.2017, Russia, Moscow
Lukashevich and Seryodkin Memoria
11.01.2017, Russia, Cheliabinsk
Moscow Cup - Christmas Cup
10.01.2017, Russia, Moscow
Yalamov Memorial - Christmas Stars
07.01.2017, Russia, Yekaterinburg
Saint-Petersburg Cup
04.01.2017-06.01.2017, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Saint Petersburg U23 and Junior Championships
04.01.2017-05.01.2017, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Saint Petersburg Championships
04.01.2017-05.01.2017, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Yekaterina Kupina master class
30.12.2016, Russia, Kursk
Olesya Zykina master class
30.12.2016, Russia, Kaluga
Mariya Pinigina Master Class
25.12.2016, Russia, Yakutsk
Cup Sport Schools
24.12.2016-25.12.2016, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Indoor Season Opening
24.12.2016-25.12.2016, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Sinyayev Memorial
24.12.2016, Russia, Briansk
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Реформирование ВФЛА
Национальное беговое движение
Чемпионат Европы в помещении - Белград - 3-5 марта 2017
Чемпионат мира по легкой атлетике - Лондон - 4-13 августа 2017
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