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19.10.2011 World

Organizers of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon confirmed that their women’s winner, Koren Yal of Ethiopia, would be paid a CAD 25,000 bonus for achieving a new course record, even though under present international rules she had only tied the record.

Yal, a 24 year-old Ethiopian, clocked 2:22:43 in winning Sunday’s race, the same time achieved by Kenya’s Sharon Cherop in last year’s contest when Cherop set the event record. However, when Yal’s time was looked at to the tenth of a second, it was 2:22:42.5 compared to Cherop’s 2:22:42.8, a scant 3/10ths of a second faster. Under present international rules, road race times are expressed in whole seconds, and shown to the next highest second in official results. However, Brookes thought that paying Yal a bonus—not quite the CAD 35,000 promised had she surpassed the record by at least a full second—was the right thing to do. Informs RRW. Yal and compatriot Mare Dibaba ran race aggressively, blasting through the half-way mark in 1:08:36, a time which would win all but a handful of half-marathons held in the world this year. They kept up the hot pace through 30 km where the pair was timed with 1:38:31 what is faster than current world record 1:38:49 by Mizuki Noguchi of Japan at Berlin Marathon 2005. But in Chicago Liliya Shobukhova went through 30 km in 1:38:23. Despite earlier informations this mark is now listed as the pending WR at But in case of the new rule to recognize records in only women races this is all under question. By the way, IAAF is also listing as pending men 30 km WR the split of Peter Korir from Berlin Marathon this year 1:27:37. In initial thinking this mark was not considered due to the fact that he did not finish the race.

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