Moscow 2013 ticket sales’ launch


IAAF World Championships 2013 LOC announces the start of the ticket sales at the special press-conference

The head of the Moscow Sports Committee Andrey Vorobyev announced that 2300 athletes from 212 countries are expected to take part in the event. Last week Moscow welcomed the team leaders for a site visit. They examined team hotels and training venues and gave the LOC a positive feedback. He also noted that the LOC had already developed the transportation strategy that includes all the transfers needed.

Aleksandr Polinsky, DSZM director general, said that the Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena was undergoing a track renovation. Other Luzhinki arenas – the Southern and the Northern Sports Complexes and Sportgorodok are also being reconstructed. The renovation including the laying of the natural grass field at the main arena will be accomplished by the 10th of June. Polinsky also emphasized that the ticket sales would start on the 15th of October. At the first stage the group bookings will be served. Individual sales will start in the beginning of 2013. The cheapest ticket will cost 150 roubles (around 5$). The most expensive ticket package (the best seats for all competition days) will cost 30 000 roubles (around 1 000 $). The LOC developed several types of ticket packages, their description can be found at the event website starting from October 15th. Official travel agencies will be offering packages that will include transportation to Moscow, accommodation and event tickets.

ARAF President Valentin Balakhnichev noted that due to  the consolidation of the Moscow Government, Russian Sports Ministry and the ARAF activities, the preparation process was going in the normal mode. And the World Championships preparation is closely supervised by different IAAF Commissions. During the last three weeks the LOC welcomed nine site visits. On the day of the press-conference another visit started: the IAAF Deputy Communications Director Anna Legnani arrived in Moscow to discuss the media operations and press center organization.

Valentin Balakhnichev:

“The next year will be extremely eventful. And I’m not talking exclusively about the World Championships. There will be also the Kazan Universiade. We are going to send a strong team there as well. And this competition, along with the national championships, will be the part of the national World Championship trials. We will try to stage the trials in the most efficient way possible, taking into the consideration the interests of our leaders. By the way, none of our best athletes is set to skip the home championships. They understand that this is a unique opportunity: they will be competing in front of the home crowd and they will be able to invite all the friends and relatives to the stands.  Foreign athletes are also showing a great interest in competing in Moscow. We even had some negotiations with Usain Bolt about making him one of the faces of the event, but in the end the price was too high. AndwehaveplentyofrenownedRussianathletes. For example, you’ll see Mariya Savinova and Anna Chicherova in the promotional video. But Bolt will come to Moscow anyway – to compete. I’m sure that the level of attention to the Moscow IAAF World Championships will be extremely high. Last Worlds were held in Southern Korea: it was quite costly to travel there. As for the Olympics, it was too difficult to get the tickets. And in Moscow we’ll see the same stars, but the tickets will be much cheaper. We hope to attract 40-50 thousands of spectators every day. As for the performance goals, we aim for the first or second place in the medal table, as we’ll have home advantage and we’ll be having the holding camps at the excellent complex in Novogorsk”.

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