Tamgho eyes the world title


After more than a year of absence Teddy Tamgho returned to training. He knows that it will take time to get back to the highest level, but he has an ambitious goal in mind: to become the world champion in Moscow


It doesn’t seem he has changed a bit. Fourteen months ago he sustained a severe ankle injury that required two surgeries (the second one was needed to remove the ossified excrescence) and didn’t let him to compete at the Daegu IAAF World Championships and the London Olympics. He seems to be same person: ambitious, arrogant, talkative. But the prolonged rest from athletics not only let him to turn to creating rap songs, but also taught him patience. “It was difficult. I wanted to jump, to compete so bad. But the tears wouldn’t have helped, I realized it. Someone could have become depressed, but not me. I just had to be patient, to concentrate on myself”, Tamgho explained at the TP Show on the RMC channel.

During this summer Teddy many times visited the Montreuil stadium to help his friend, hurdler Garfield Darien with his Olympic preparations. But he knew that for himself the high-level training will be a matter of time. “Firstly, I want to get my feeling back. It’s been a year since I last competed. Now I already can jump at the training sessions. And I want to get very well prepared for the first meeting so that it will be a real pleasure for me to compete. I still have the time to figure out my competition schedule as the indoor season doesn’t begin until December”, Teddy said.

He may have only started his training, but he already set himself the most serious goals for the year. “My goal is the Moscow IAAF World Championships. I understand that the competition will be fierce. At the Olympics Christian Taylor won with the 17.81 jump. But my record is  17.98, I have all chances to win if at my best”. The Frenchman still trains under the guidance of Ivan Pedroso. “Before the injury I was successful thanks to his coaching. And it would be strange to change the system that works”, Tamgho noted.


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