Rap for the champ


European javelin medallist Valery Iordan talks his plans for a new season and the World Championships soundtrack


- You are one of the contenders for the ARAF’s “Breakthrough of the year” prize. Do you believe you made a real breakthrough last season?

- Every day I put in a lot of work to become closer to achieving my dream. Whether I made breakthrough or not… you decide!

- How have you become involved in the javelin throw? Did you do other sports?

- When I was five, I started doing kick-boxing. When I was seven, I started playing tennis. As for the javelin – I just decided once to accompany my elder brother who was doing athletics. Then it all started.

- What do your European silver and national bronze mean to me? Were you expecting far throws Helsinki? Were you thinking that you could probably get the gold?

- Every athlete dreams of becoming an Olympian. Europeans and nationals were kind of trial events. I was the sole Russian javelin thrower in Helsinki and I did my job very well. I placed second, achieved the Olympic qualification mark. Within a couple of days I competed at the Russian championships. There were only thirteen of us, but for some unknown reason they decided to make two rounds – qualification and final. So I had to compete four times within seven days: qualification and final in Helsinki, qualification and final in Cheboksary. I was exhausted by the national final, that’s why I only placed third and didn’t get a place on the team. When I saw the results of the Olympic – 84.57 for the win – I realized that could be a serious contender there.

- You study at the Russian State Social University. What is your major? Are you going compete at the Universiade?

- I study at the RSSU branch in Dedovsk, law faculty. The next season will be even more eventful than the last. Universiade 2013 will be one of my main competitions.

- How do you spend your free time? Any hobbies?

- I write songs. Mostly rap. I’m planning to release my first mini-album this winter, it will be called “The Ocean”. I also like watching movies and travelling.

- What are your overall plans for the next season?

- As I said, my main competitions will be the Universiade and the Moscow IAAF World Championships. I will probably write an unofficial soundtrack for the Worlds and shoot a music video to promote this event.



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