Rodichenko passes away


Vladimir Rodichenko, the honorary Vice-President of the Russian Olympic Committee, the honorary ARAF Vice-President, professor, PhD in pedagogic science, passes away after suffering from a prolonged illness at the age of 81

Rodichenko’s life and career were always related to athletics. He used to work as a coach, did scientific research in athletics and was an editor-in-chief of the «Athletics» magazine. Rodichenko was also one of the All-Russia Athletics Federation founders back in 1991. For many years he held a post of the ARAF Vice-President and was a member of various IAAF and EA committees.

Besides that Vladimir Rodichenko worked as a deputy head of the All-Russia Research Institute for Physical Culture and held a post of a vice-chancellor of the Moscow District State Physical Culture University. In 2005 he was elected the first ever honorary lifetime Russian Olympic Committee vice-president.

Vladimir Rodichenko wrote and edited more than 100 books and brochures and more than 350 research papers on sociological, philosophical, historical, methodological and organizational issues in sports, physical culture and the Olympic movement. His textbooks on the history of sports and Olympics were widely used in educational institutions.

The ARAF presents its condolences to friends, relatives and colleagues of Vladimir Rodichenko.

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