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On 09 November WADA Independent Commission issued the report on the results of a nearly one year long investigation. The Russian Athletic Federation has given serious considerations to the results expressed in the Commission’s work and started to study very attentively all the materials and conclusions of the report.

We confirm our commitment to the formation of the modern system of athletics development in Russia, our openness to the cooperation with international and national athletics federations, including cooperation in the struggle against doping. We have been doing this work in accordance with the programme approved by the Russian Athletic Federation Council in April and supported by the delegates of the Federation’s annual Conference on 02 November, 2015.

The new administration of the Federation and the new chiefs of the National team focused their attention on the development of the system of preventive measures against doping usage. We have been in close cooperation with RUSADA on all the anti-doping education programs for different categories of athletes and coaches.  Russian Athletic Federation fights severely against anti-doping rules violations by athletes, coaches and other categories of specialists working in athletics.

In August the Russian Athletic Federation took an unprecedented decision of excluding from the National team for the World Championships in Beijing the race walkers regardless of their titles and previous merits. Moreover, several coaches were banned from working with athletes, and there are investigations going on with the respect to a number of specialists. All athletes who break anti-doping rules are disqualified regardless of their previous titles and results. The Russian Athletic Federation will continue to fight severely against any attempts of breaking the anti-doping rules and code and will response in an adequate manner to the particular allegations mentioned in the Commission’s report.

The following days the Russian Athletic Federation will present to the IAAF the document that includes the Federation’s anti-doping programme, certain steps on the programme realisation (including those that have already been taken) and the response to the WADA Independent Commission’s conclusions and allegations.

We are ready to the meaningful strategic partnership with IAAF, including the measures to fix the existing in Russian and world athletics problems. 

The real fair partnership in this work is much more effective than any kind of suspension and isolation.  

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