All – Russia Athletic Federation, being the organization developing the main Olympic sport in Russia, is fully aware of its responsibility in relation to the current situation, which involves forbidden substances and methods in sports.

On November 13, 2015 the Council of International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has taken a decision on provisional suspension of ARAF based on the conclusions, reflected in the report of WADA  Independent Commission and published on November 9th.  Within the given by IAAF time period, i.e., 72 hours, ARAFprepared a report on the measures that it has already taken in the course of its anti-doping activity in relation to persons in question, submitted the program of its further actions, explained and clarified conclusions and accusations included in the WADA report. A verbal report on measures and actions taken so far has  been also submitted to the IAAF Council teleconference meeting. To our regret,our arguments and reasons have not been adequately heard and/or accepted. IAAF has issued the toughest sanctions against our Federation, athletes, the whole Russian athletics, which were possible in this situation. IAAF considers this measure necessary for cleaning and reforming of the global athletics and suggest to us to undergo through reforms within the shortest time possible in order to join again the world athletics family. ARAF turned out to be in the midst of athletic scandals and issues, however, we are convinced that neither global athletics, nor major sports organizations will benefit from this IAAF decision.

In this situation the primary and main goal for ARAF is to achieve the possibility for the Russian athletes to take part again in the international competitions as soon as possible, to guarantee  clean status of all and every member of the Russian National team, to take part in the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio – de – Janeiro, to reinstate full trust of the world community towards the Russian athletics.

In this challenging  time we shouldl ike to express our thanks to the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, Olympic Committee of Russia for the support rendered to us. We are going to act solely together for the sake of development of athletics in Russia and eradication of the doping issues.

At its extraordinary meeting, held on November 15th, Presidium of ARAF discussed the decision in question taken by IAAF. Presidium of ARAF stated that any isolation of a country or national team in sports is much worse than partnership and cooperation within the family of the international organization. Doping represents a global problem, which goes beyond the borders, and which requires joint actions.

Presidium of ARAF set up a special commission with a task to implement recommendations provided by WADA Independent Commission and for mutual cooperation with IAAF.

Presidium of ARAF set up a working group which will be dealing with issues of the competition preparation of athletes for the 2016 Olympic Games and appealed to the regional sports organizations with a request to provide additional support and organize national and regional competitions with the participation of athletes belonging to National Olympic team.

Presidium of ARAF took a decision to stage an extraordinary elections Conference on the 16thof January, 2016 and to elect new governing bodies of ARAF, to change the structure of the Federation, to adopt amendments to the Statutes of ARAF, to consider the report of the Presidium on the measures that will have been taken as a follow up of the WADA Independent Commission report, IAAF Commission and in accordance with the ARAF Program of actions, approved in April 2015.

ARAF will always act in accordance with the norms of the international and Russian legislation, maintain strategic partnership with IAAF and European Athletics. We should like to confirm our strong dedication to the establishment of a new system of Athletics development in Russia, and our readiness to cooperate transparently with international and national federations.

Mutual understanding, education and improvement of the whole system of  athletics’ governance are ways to go forward. We are of the opinion that realistic honest partnership is far more effective than any isolation.


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