An extraordinary meeting of All-Russia Federation Council (Presidium) has been held on Friday, November 27th, 2015. ARAF granted maximum authorities to the interim Coordination Committee set by the Russian Olympic Committee.

Members of the ARAF Presidium have unanimously voted for granting authorities to the interim Coordination Committee under the chair of Mr. Gennady P. Aleshin. Mr. Aleshin explained that this Committee was not aimed to substitute ARAF leadership and would not interfere with financial/operational activity of ARAF and/or management of the National teams, organization and staging of the Russian National athletic calendar, mass participation programms etc. Mr. Aleshin added that one of the tasks in front of this Committee was to prepare all documents required for the consideration by the IAAF  Commission.

Presidium decided to provisionally suspend the activity of all ARAF Committees and Commissions, except for the Coaches Council and All - Russia panel of judges.

ARAF Presidium requested Mr. Alexandre Zhukov, President of the Olympic Committee of Russia, to terminate membership of Mr. Valentin Balakhnichev, former ARAF President, in the Executive Committee of the  Olympic Committee of Russia with immediate effect.

Mr. Mikhail Butov, ARAF General Secretary, and Mr. Yuri Borzakovsky, Head Coach of Russia National teams, submitted a draft of the updated calendar for winter season. Due to suspention of Russian athletes from international competitions, it was decided together with Mr. Yuri Borzakovsky to expand the domestic Russia calendar and to create a winter athletic series, which will include several tournaments culminating in a Grand Prix final, which is scheduled for March 1st, 2016. Athletes, who will gain the largest number of points in three competitions, will qualify to the final. It has to be mentioned that top Russian athletes, who may prefer not to compete in all the competition of this seris, nevertheless, will have the right to compete in the Grand Prix final. They may receive wild cards, should they wish to do so.

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