On January 27 Ms Elena Ikonnikova, RusAF Anti Ц doping Coordinator, met with athletes and coaches of the Russia National team in the training centre УNovogorskФ, where part of the team is preparing in the training camp. Current Anti Ц doping Rules and their fulfillment have been discussed during the meeting.

Ms Ikonnikova updated athletes and coaches on the amendments made to the World Anti – doping Code, spoke at great length about the 2016 List of Prohibited substances and methods, discussed different matters concerning the competition and out – of – the – competition control and reviewed Rules, regulating anti – doping activity in Russia and all over the world.

Close attention was paid to athletes’  rights and duties, responsibility of  the athletes’ support personnel, sanctions which may be imposed for violation of the Anti – doping Rules,  information on whereabouts, procedures applied for obtaining TUE, and many other issues.

Ms Elena Ikonnikova informed athletes and coaches that RusAF prepared a Declaration, which has to be signed in the very near future by every member of the National team as well as by every specialist who provide their services to the National team and by all participants of the official national competitions, i.e., National Championships in every age category. The meaning of this document is very simple: to obey to Anti – doping Rules, to prevent their violations and to assist in revealing of these violations.  

Concluding the meeting,  RusAF Coordinator replied to questions, raised by athletes and coaches. Such meetings will be held on a regular basis. The meeting on Thursday  was attended by over 60 persons headed by Yuri Borzakovskiy, Chief coach of the Russia National Athletic teams.

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