Meeting of RusAF Presidium


The first meeting of the new RusAF Presidium chaired by Mr. Dmitry Shlyakhtin, RusAF President, took place on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 in the Olympic Committee of Russia.

Mr. Shlyakhtin informed members of the Presidium on the measures taken by RusAFin order to meet IAAF criteria for reinstatement of RusAF membership. President focused in details on the significance of the program which had to be implemented in the fight against doping, and added that despite challenges  caused by RUSADA suspension, an agreement was achieved with WADA and IAAF, to conduct doping control in the following competitions: Russia Indoor Grand Prix in Volgograd, February 6, “Russian Winter”, February 14  and Russia Indoor Championships, February 23-25.

Ms Elena Ikonnikova, RusAF Anti – doping coordinator, spoke about a new anti – doping program, which was elaborated by RusAF. This program focuses specifically on prevention activities, and it was suggested to create a unique system aiming to organize and conduct information/education activities,to develop regional and international cooperation in the fight against doping. MsIkonnikovainformedmembersofthePresidiumthatinteractiveprogramfordifferenttargetgroups, i.e., from children and up to RusAF employees, would be launched very soon.

Mr. Yuri Borzakovsky, Chief coach of the Russia National teams, advised on the changes to the selection criteria towards official 2016 international competitions taking into consideration the requirement to fulfil IAAF criteria set for granting eligibility to Russian athletes. One of the main conditions for selection to the National team shall be three negative results in the out -of-competition doping tests for sprinters, jumpers and throwers and six negative results for combined events and endurance group (race walking, middle and long distances and marathon)..

MembersofthePresidiumapprovedproposalsof RusAF to the Ministry of Sport tograntdifferenthonorarytitles. Among them, there is one athlete (Ilia Shkurenev), three coaches (VladislavShiryaev, Yuri Kirillov and Roman Lupatov), five technical officials (Ms Valentina Solovieva, Ms Irina Makhova, Ms Elena Kulikova, Ms Elena Ermachenko, DmitryDmitriev).

Members oft he Presidium approved the following RusAF Committees and Commissions:
- General Coaches Council chaired by Yuri Borzakovsky
- RusAF Commission of technical officials chaired by Gayar Aynetdinov
- Competition Committee chaired by Sergey Kotov
- Grass roots Committee chaired by Anton Uyk

- Kids’ and Youth Committee chaired by Ms Marina Kuptsova
- Anti – doping Committee chaired by Alexander Parkin.
In addition, Presidium approved Committee of Mountain running, Athletes’ Commission, Masters’ Commission, Commission for Investigation and Disciplinary Commission.

Dmitry Stukalov , member of the Presidium, will be in charge of the scientific/ methodological activity of RusAF.

Ms Yulia Tarasenko will monitor the analysis and planning of supply of sports facilities and equipment to the regions of Russia.

Andrey Anikeev will be in charge of athletics development in the regions, while Roman Marenkov will deal with digital and other modern mass media and social networks,

Igor Seliankin will monitor proposals on the amendments to the regulatory norms and standards of sports organizations activity and athletes’ preparation.

Presidium approved there port on the RusAF activity for 2015, submitted by Mr. Mikhail Butov, RusAF General Secretary, and the budget for the first half of 2016.

Mr. Gennady Aleshin, Chairman of the Interim Coordination Committee of the Olympic Committee of Russia, took part in the meeting.

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