Meeting of PusAF Presidium


Meeting of RusAF Presidium took place on February 23, 2016 in the Indoor Facility of Central Army Club, prior to the start of Russia Indoor National Championships.

Mr. Dmitry Shlyakhtin, President of RusAF, opened meeting of the Presidium and informed its Members on the IAAF Taskforce visit to Moscow and on the accomplishment of those requirements, which have been set by the Taskforce.

President has once again underlined the goal to fight against doping and demanded from Members of the Presidium to monitor this fight in their respective regions.

President further suggested that Viktor Morgachev, RusAF Vice – President, to be nominated to the position of the RusAF First Vice – President.  Members of the Presidium have unanimously voted for Viktor Morgachev.

Mr. Andrey Kruporushnikov, Senior Manager of the Russia National teams, presented plan of urgent activities with the anti – doping activity be in the centre.

Mr. Mikhail Butov, RusAF General Secretary, suggested to establish a Commission for athletes’ regional transfers in addition to existing Commissions and Committees.

Members of RusAF Presidium approved Mr. Boris Viazner as Chairperson of Mountain Running Committee, and Mr. Yuri Chirkov as Chairperson of the Maters Commission.

Commission of Technical Officials, informed about the meeting of this Commission, which was dedicated  to the consideration  and results of the already held competitions, and presented to RusAF Presidium  names of the three Russian Judges, namely, Ms Tatiana Arinosova, Aleksey Olejnikov and Ms Elena Zaitseva, to be awarded the title of a Judge of All- Russia National Category. Members of the RusAF Presidium have supported all the three candidates.

Roman Marenkov, Member of RusAF Presisium, presented his proposals related to digital and social media to be used in the RusAF Development program.

Last but not the least, Members of the RusAF Presidium approved RusAF Code of Ethics.



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