Russian teams silver set at European Cross Country


Russian Athletes placed second in 3 of 6 races at the 14th SPAR European Cross Country Championships in Toro, Spain today. Yevgeniy Rybakov won the silver medal in the U23 mens race (8200m). Russian junior womens team and U23 womens are second, and U23 mens team placed third.
After the finish, Yevgeniy Rybakov said, "I didn´t expect such a powerful attack by the turkish guy. I must say that I didn´t know him so well. I tried to do my best in pursuing him, but it came a moment when it became clear for me that this was an unuseful waste of energy. So I focused on retaining the second place, because the Englishman was approaching me dangerouslz. I think I made the right decission."
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