Valentin Balakhnichov: we had to disqualify Lysenko and Khoroshin for 2 years


Russian Athletics Federation took decision to disqualify hammer throwers Tatyana Lysenko and Yekaterina Khoroshikh for two years, the federations president and IAAF Council member Valentin Balakhnichov told the All Sports agency.
We took decision to disqualify Tatyana Lysenko and Yekaterina Khoroshin for two years at the federations meeting on 23 April, said Valentin Balakhnichov. We had to take a decision about the two-year disqualification, after IAAF didnt take our cases to reduce the period to 1 year..

The correspondence between our federation and IAAF lasted more than 6 months, where we gave new facts and extra cases in our favor, but IAAF didnt take our position. In March, IAAFs bureau for anti-doping cases revision recommended to Russian Athletics Federation to disqualify Lysenko and Khoroshin for two years.

We followed the recommendation not to delay the final decision, because our decision about 1-year disqualification will cause IAAF to go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Then the disqualification would begin from the day of the CAS decision after a long hearing.

Sad to say, they will not compete at 2008 Olympic Games, but we depend certainly on them in the future, added Valentin Balakhnichov who personally said Tatyana Lysenko about the decision.
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