Bolt 10.00 in rain and into head-wind

13.06.2009 World

And the raining streak continued. After Manchester, Toronto didn’t offer better weather conditions for Usain Bolt.

The pouring rain that started about at the same time as the elite programme, about 1h30 before the men’s 100m, didn’t damp the spirits of the 5,300 strong crowd of the Varsity stadium but nevertheless had an impact the quality of the performances.

And so, the most awaited event “only” produced a 10-flat into a 0.9 headwind after two false starts, as the Jamaicain superstar switched gear after mid-race to get clear of the rest of the field. „For me, it is all right. I got through it injury free, so that is a good thing”, Bolt declared after the rain adding “This is a part of the game — some days you have a good day, some days you have a bad day. I guess I will put this down as a bad day for me.“

He will next compete on Wednesday in Ostrava, Czech Republic. American Shawn Crawford and Ivory Williams claimed 2nd and 3rd place in 10..25 in 10.28, as Bolt’s fellow countryman Marvin Anderson was disqualified for false start.

The other stars did their job despite the lack of competitors to push them. Olympic champion LaShawn Merrit cruised to win the 400m in 44.83.

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