Aleksey Drozdov tops World Combined Events list


Aleksey Drozdov won the Moscow Combined Events Championships ended yesterday with a World season best of 6129 points. The second result but not in the main final was achieved by Aleksandr Pogorelov 6085 points.
The Russians results are the first claims for the participation at the 11th IAAF World Indoor Championships on 10-12 March in Moscow. In accordance with the WIC standards, for the combined events, eight athletes will be invited by the IAAF: the top 4 athletes in the 2006 Indoor Lists (as at February 20th 2006) and the top 4 athletes in the 2005 Outdoor Lists.

Aleksandr Pogorelov is fifth in the 2005 outdoor top list, so he must stay in the top 4 athletes list till 20th February or one of the 2005 top 4 athletes must refuse his participation.

Going by the last years statistics, Aleksey Drozdovs result is enough to stay in the top 4 athletes list in this season.
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