Ivan Ukhov second in Hustopece


Ivan Ukhov placed second with a clearance of 2.31m at the 3rd leg of the Moravia High Jump Tour held in Czechs Hustopece yesterday. Irina Glavatskikh was second in the womens division with 1.90m.
The winner in the mens division was determined in a jump-off. Ukhov and Czechs Svatoslav Ton cleared all the marks including 2.31 meters at their first attempts, but Ukhov didnt take the next 2.33m twice and Ton refused it.

The bar was up to 2.35meters. Both of the participants beating for the victory didnt clear the new mark too, so it was down to 2.33 and Ton took it.

The Moravia High Jump Tour included three legs, 16 January in Trinec, 18 January in Ostrava and 21 January in Hustopece. Ivan Ukhov won in the Tour once, clearing 2.28m in Trinec. Yaroslav Rybakov was third with 2.24 there. Ivan cleared the same mark in two days in Ostrava and placed second.

In the womens division, Irina Glavatskikh competed at all the meetings. She placed third with 1.89m in Trinec and seventh with 1.84m in Ostrava.
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