Borzakovskiy may miss World Indoors


Olympic 800 meters champion Yuriy Borzakovskiy may miss the 11th IAAF World Indoor Championships on 10-12 March in Moscow.
At this time, there are plans, but it is not finally. It is related to the form I will reach because the event is very important, it is at home. Now, Ive begun my preparation very lately and not all is going well. So, there are 80% I will compete, told Yuriy to the RIA Novosti news agency at the Russian Winter.

According to him, Yuriy started an intensive training, Nevertheless, I hope I will compete at World Indoors, but it is still a question. Well see what my trainer says. It is going without injuries, and if it will be going this way I will compete.

Borzakovskiy emphasized he takes a final decision about his performing in Moscow at the Russian Indoor Championships.
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