Maksim Sidorov

First medal


Maksim Sidorov won the bronze medal in the men’s shot put at the European Indoor Championships being held in Paris.

Maksim did 3 successful attempts over 20 meters. He even was the leader some time, but 2 German putters beat him. Ralf Bartels won the men’s shot put setting the European lead of 21.16m. David Storl placed second with 20.75, and Maksim Sidorov achieved 20.55m.

Maksim said, "I had some problems with my technique because we have different circles in Russia. So, I had to get used to it first and to make the technique more stable. We usually have concrete surface in the circle. The technique is the core of this event, so I still have something to improve. I think I can show even longer attempts. But generally, I am satisfied with the medal. It always counts".

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